Emma is lonely, and why wouldn’t she be, out in the middle of nowhere like that

Page one finally goes up! Gah, why didn’t anyone warn me it would be so much effort to make a webcomic! Really, it’s been through three different style changes, and four website redesigns at this point. Maybe I should stop being so fussy about every little detail, and just try to actually produce something.

So, the story begins with a little girl called Emma sulking away and feeling lonely. She really should be careful what she wishes for though…


the citycape is a pale grey vector, with gray georgian buildings layered over cathedrals and modern business complexes

From the posts below, you might think that Emma’s story takes place entirely in the countryside, in the tiny little cottage, but sometimes they go to the big city. So this background image will be used for urban scenes. The cityscape is mostly based on Dublin, with old, shabby Georgian architecture in the front, and a hint of Christ Church Cathedral in the distance.