CSS Bunny

Big eyed bunny, drooling at something in the distance, maybe a carrot patch, all CSS

Another creature from the woodlands. This one is an implausible pink. These little guys were originally designed to be knitted finger puppets.


A fox made of CSS shapes

Behold the magnificent derpen fox. He’s a collection of CSS shapes, for easy posing and animation. Here he is in his natural habitat.


A horse wearing jolpurs. Or to be more accurate, another idiot doing jodphurs wrong.

Listen to my tale of shame and woe.

I am thirty one years old. I grew up in a village with two equestrian centers. And I have only now learnt how to say the word “jodphurs”.

At some point I will forget this nugget of information and go back to saying “jolpurs” and making a show of myself.


A narwhal-maid hangs out in the undersea bar telling stories over a pint of ale

The weather has been so tempestuous lately, and the seas so rough, that I’d like to think that all the local sea monsters are just hanging out in the bar swopping stories until things calm down a bit.



Lots of scribbley stuff lately. There was a fancy lantern in the hotel lobby where we were waiting to join some friends for dinner.

Rabbit Poo

Rabbit tucking into his own poo, with a little napkin tied around his neck

Apparently, rabbits eat their own poo. I would have been happier not knowing this, but now I know, and so do you. Sorry.

Broken Mouse

Poorly drawn mouse

I had all kinds of intentions of doing loads of drawings in the new year, but it turns out my mouse is worn out from too much cookie clicker, and apparently I can’t do drag and drop right now with any kind of consistency, which totally torpedoes any kind of vector work. Enjoy this dodgy old mouse that I drew on a phone screen with my finger instead.

Polarized Light

Polarised light reflection

The light was glinting into the living room at an odd angle one day and I noticed the reflections of points of light on the television screen were all…fancy. But in an orderly fashion. Is the reflection polarized?

Anyway, here’s a pixel art representation of what it looked like. I think this would look cool in a comic as a special effect; a spell, or a flash from a sword in motion.

Blue Scarf for Mum

Blue scarf knitted for my mammy

Some time ago, I knitted a scarf for my mum. It was knitted with love, but honestly, the materials weren’t great, and there was no skill or pattern to speak of. Still, I would see her wearing it from time to time, and feel such joy that she was wearing something I made, me! But then I’d feel a flush of embarrassment because really, she deserved much better.

By now I have gotten a lot more skilful, so I made her a much improved scarf, with a pattern by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. Mum made me so many lovely jumpers when I was a kid, and even a fancy shawl for my communion, but I didn’t appreciate them at the time half as much as she deserved! This is my way to say thanks.


The word miserable dribbles down from a rain-cloud, fluffed up via CSS

Another CSS typography experiment! Live version here »

This one caused me a bit of trouble because of assumptions about universally available fonts. Android phones for example, don’t necessarily come with Impact as standard, which was a bit of a shock!