The fox excitedly points towards a robin! The bird informs him that he's not a robin, he's a bluebird. The fox looks ashamed and says he's colour blind.

So, I’ve been chugging away with my experimental “CSS illustration as comic” project for a while now, and posting .png outputs of the results on Today there is a new character, who is definitely not a robin.

At this point I have prepared about five pretty sturdy characters, (fox, rabbit, bluebird, wolf and bear), with a variety of modular facial expressions and postures. Creating a new panel without any new content only takes about half an hour or so, which is pretty handy. Scaling is lovely and clean, and every time I add a new element, it can be stashed away for reuse later, saving more time in the future.

If you’d like to play around with the CSS on this page, here it is on jsbin:,output. It’s pretty scruffy and not cross-browser compatible right now, so consider yourself warned.