Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? If not, please find the nearest Irish person and rub their belly.

Was out having too much fun for St Patrick’s day! Didn’t wear green. My American friends tell me this crime is punishable by pinching! Now I know why the tourists are so careful to wear green bits and pieces on the day; I thought they were just getting into the spirit of the thing, but now I know it’s motivated by fear!

Ghost Bling

Bored with rattling his chains, ghost decides to go stylin’ instead

Well, I will admit, I wasted the first three or four hundred years moping around. I’d moan and groan and rattle my chains at anyone who’d come near. No wonder I never got any dinner party invitations! But then one day I noticed that all the young people were copying me. Me! A trend setter! Well, I cheered right up, I can tell you. Everything is different these days. Oh, keep an eye on the music stores by the way, I have a little ditty with Jay-Z coming out in April.